He did it again: Giampiero Amato defended his title for a second time in a row. With 10.5 points out of 12 he scored big, but Ken Maynard was just half a point behind.


1Giampiero Amato10.5
2Ken Maynard10.0
3Kai Jaeger8.0
4Derrick Price8.0
5Dave Fewell7.5
6Dominic Robinson7.0
7Gerald Reilly7.0
8Chris Majer6.5
9Ewan Fewell6.5
10Steve Rawlings6.0
11Michal Bogucki5.0
12Mike Price4.0
13Steven Wood4.0
14Len Jones4.0
15Mark Duggins2.0
16Nigel Cooper0.0