The first Christmas Blitz Event held in 2016 saw 18 participants playing a 12-round Swiss Tournament.

In the end 4 players shared first place.

1Dominic Robinson
1David Fewell8.578.5
1Kai Jaeger8.575.5
1Ken Maynard8.574.5
5James Corrigan8.081.5
6Neal Thompson7.577.0
7Chris Majer7.569.5
8Patrick Fitzgerald6.580.0
9Gerad Reilly6.575.5
10Ewan Fewell
11Steve Rawlings5.071.0
12Neil Rashbrook4.572.0
13Derick Price4.570.0
14Mike Price4.565.6
15Frank Tretheway4.062.0
16Len Jones3.565.6
17Mark Duggins3.563.5
18Dave Belton3.068.5