This table reflects the current grading of the club members.

At the beginning of each season there is just one column.

In January a new list is compiled. At that point in time the table gets a second column.


Amato, Giampiero189
Robinson, Dominic173
Jaeger, Kai168
Rawlings, Stephen152
Majer, Chris 148
Trethewey, Frank147
Fitzgerald, Patrick145
Thompson, Neal A142
Bogucki, Michal141
Burns, Kenneth136
Jones, Len135
Price, Derick134
Swiegers, Francois128
Bailey, Russell126
James, Arthur126
Seeley, Peter126
Reilly, Gerard123
Lean, Chris121
Price, Michael 121
Williams, Graham118
Duggin, Mark116
Rashbrook, Neil113
Taylor, Vince113